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FT-Annual Directory 2018-eMag 31 LISA KING - EAT MY LUNCH No child in New Zealand should go to school hungry. That’s the mantra of Aucklander Lisa King, who has set up Eat My Lunch that hands out thousands of healthy filling school lunches every day for free. It’s a marriage of business and charity, with those buying lunch ensuring that an additional lunch is sent to a needy school pupil…so far, 325,000 lunches, with $820,000 raised in crowdfunding and the expansion into Hamilton and Wellington. “It’s a vast organisational exercise – we’ve actually become more of a logistics and supply-chain operation than a food company,” King says. JEMMA LEE AND FREYA FLOCKTON – FARM FOLLY When you think of soap, some base ingredients come to mind…alkali, triglycerides from animal or vegetable oils and fats, perfume and additives. But two North Auckland mums are turning those recipe WINSTON NUTRITIONAL New dairy nutrition innovator, manufacturer and exporter Winston Nutritional says while its gaze is firmly on China, it will have a wider market focus than that…making it a true exporter to the world. General manager Leon Fung – previously deputy general manager at Yashili NZ Dairy Company and director of its Pokeno plant development - says the new company will be making further significant investments in the nutritional sector. “Our investment in the modernisation of the manufacturing facilities at our Mt Wellington site has been substantial, as is our investment in our people. We have state-of-theart technology capable of processing and packaging 20,000 metric tonnes a year but without the best “The goal is to be sustainable and scale-able. If our big dream is to make sure no kid in New Zealand is going to school hungry, it means we have to be feeding 100,000 kids a day.” The daughter of immigrants who arrived in Auckland when she was two, King was a marketer for many years, working for Unilever, PepsiCo, Heinz Wattie’s and Cadbury. It was a John Campbell interview on television comparing school lunches at decile 1 and decile 10 schools that spurred her into action two years ago – alongside co-founder Ian Buchanan and chef Michael Meredith. PEOPLE TO WATCH basics on their heads by making soap from breastmilk. When home-based mum Jemma Lee decided to make her own soap to complement other organic skincare products made by her small business Farm Folly, she trialled ingredients like coconut cream and goat’s milk without success before happening upon excess cold-processed breastmilk that she thought could be just what she was looking for. Enter friend Freya Flockton, who hated seeing her breastmilk go to waste, and the experimentation started…to great success. “Before I became a mum, the idea would have seemed pretty strange, but now it’s become the most natural and normal thing,” Flockton says. “We plan to continue making soap using other’s milk when we stop producing ourselves.” Describing the DIY process, the pair say it’s a combination of science and baking. Their first batch was curdled by people in place you can’t hope to be the best and we want to be better than our peers,” Fung says. With experienced technical experts in research and development that boast strong innovation track records, product development and innovation will be a core function at Winston Nutritional. To ensure it can achieve its ambition, the company has a clear strategic vision. “Our focus is first on quality, then teamwork and workplace culture,” Fung says. “Culture and teamwork are incredibly important if you truly want to produce the highest quality nutritional products in the world and we do.” the high sugar content but the pair say the resulting product is the ultimate moisturiser and healer, with breastmilk renowned for its antibacterial properties and to treat skin conditions. In fact, Kim Kardashian uses breastmilk to treat acne, and Lee says she personally won’t use anything on her skin that isn’t edible. “Only mums understand this, but it’s such a labour of love, and it’s so nice to be able to use your milk beyond feeding,” Flockton says. With only a handful of customers turning their noses up at breastmilk soap, most are intrigued and there has been no bad feedback. The mums’ product range is all made with edible ingredients. “We believe that your skin is an organ and can absorb things straight into the bloodstream, that's why we avoid using any ingredients we couldn't consume,” they say.

FT-Annual Directory 2018-eMag
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