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FT-Annual2017 63 PURE DELISH For more than 19 years, pure delish has been creating quality products that are real, delicious and anything but ‘ordinary’. Its brand is synonymous with mouth-watering excellence and it has carved a solid reputation for innovative, category-challenging and award-winning products. pure delish started small with owner Karen wanting to make some extra cash for her family at Christmas. She decided to roll up her sleeves and follow her passion for baking, setting out on a mission to make a christmas cake that had more of a modern twist. This modest beginning led the company to where it is today… an innovative and passionate company producing a wide range of breakfast cereals, snack bars, cookies, slabs and festive products. While the range has grown immensely, what hasn’t changed one iota is the integrity - not just in the company’s food, but in every facet of the business, from its use of quality ingredients and its desire to make amazing products with health benefits without sacrificing taste; to its belief in employing talented people over automated machinery, and hand-making and packaging each product using only the bare minimum processing. At the heart of the company is its team, who bring life, attitude and laughter each and every day. pure delish doesn’t cut corners…instead it jam-packs its products with real ingredients. Its customers are passionate and savvy; they like to know what’s in their food and where it’s come from; they seek out quality foods that are unique, healthy and downright delicious. Their feedback constantly reminds pure delish that its ‘real’ approach to business and commitment to going the extra mile is a winning formula. INVIVO WINES Founded by a couple of mates in 2008 who liked New Zealand wine so much that they started a winery to make some, it’s fair to say Invivo has done things a little differently. Launching straight into a recession, the Te Kauwhata based winery’s produce became the wine of choice for UK chat show star Graham Norton, was New Zealand’s first crowdfunded winery, collected a host of wine trophies including World’s Best Sauvignon Blanc and was named in Deloitte’s Fast 50 companies. In January 2016, Invivo acquired one of New Zealand’s oldest wineries (founded in 1902), making it first New Zealand winery to win a gold medal at an international competition in 1908! When looking for a personality to make a Pinot Noir to match Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc in 2016, the company looked no further than radio and television host Paul Henry…co-founder Tim Lightbourne says “When Paul put his hand up, we put a glass in it.” BEST OF THE BEST “The sky’s the limit with these guys” - Nominator

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