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FT-Jun17 25 Full-scale drive systems provider NORD DRIVESYSTEMS recently supplied Europe’s foremost supplier of shellfish products and mussels with a complete installation which was equipped to handle their aggressive manufacturing environment. Fresh catches arriving in the factory are put into large basins with a constant flow of salt water. This serves to keep it in good health while continually rinsing it, with the biggest challenge for component suppliers being humidity and a salty atmosphere, with the aggressive environment spelling swift corrosion for all sorts of unprotected metal parts across the automation process. Conventional cast iron geared motors had their first rust spots within a matter of weeks and a life span of only a year or two. Even special coatings or varnishes can only partly offset the damage caused by the harsh environment, and stainless steel drives didn’t qualify as a solution either, as they proved to be costly and impractical because of the disruptive cooling-off periods required before hose downs. The nsd tupH from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides a cost-effective solution to these problems. The aluminum drives can comfortably be washed down to achieve stainless steel grade resistance to corrosion. The company's customer has begun the rollout of the nsd tupH systems to provide longer service life and the ability to function at optimal performance in the salty and humid atmosphere created by their production processes. The price of the aluminum drives is more expensive when compared to conventional cast iron units, but studies have shown that the units will typically last the better part of 10 years in these harsh environments. When weighing up the total cost of ownership and the increased uptime, combined with the reduction in health and safety hazards due to paint chipping which occur on conventional units, the decision was a no-brainer. According to NORD DRIVESYSTEMS managing director in Australia Martin Broglia, the demand for nsd tupH has been unprecedented. “Customers are realising the benefits of using a unit which is so adaptable and long lasting,” he says. “The price and weight comparison when compared to stainless steel, also count in favour of these units. We expect to see a greater market demand in the future. We stock and service nsd tupH locally.” The nsd tupH provides physically ingrained protection, with a surface conversion that produces a base layer permanently bonded to the substrate. The scratch resistant surface also becomes more than six times as hard as untreated alloy and a thousand times as hard as paint. It offers a smart alternative to stainless steel, is lightweight, compact and self-draining, cost effective and safe, able to handle harsh wash-down chemical and cleaning agents. The nsd tupH surface treatments are universally available for all NORD aluminum products unlike many stainless steel geared motor series which most manufacturers limit to a few types. RESILIENT SOLUTION FOR SHELLFISH PROCESSING SHOW SPECIAL NORD Drivesystems (AU) Pty Ltd 18 Stoney Way, Derrimut , Victoria 3030 Australia Phone: +61 3 9394 0500 Fax: +61 3 9394 1525 National Customer Service 1300 00 NORD (6673) Member of the NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Group SURFACE AND CORROSION PROTECTION 16 -19 July 2017 International Convention Centre Sydney Darling Harbour 2017 Stand S17 Visit us at FoodPro Sealed Surface Conversion System nsd tupH from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is the perfect solution for severe duty applications and for extreme conditions. FT318

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