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FT-Jun17 21 drainage elements can be used to separate high and low risk areas, and discuss how drainage can be designed to facilitate full cleaning and prevent pathogen contamination. ACO has recently developed a range of hygienic drainage channels and gullies ACO Food, specially designed for food processing and commercial kitchen applications. It is a system designed to suit the needs of the food and beverage processing industries, where hygiene and cleanability is of utmost importance.   EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering Design Group) is the consortium of large food processors that collaborate to specify the ultimate in hygienic food processing plant design, and ACO has collaborated with EHEDG to develop guidelines for hygienic drainage design. No doubt, for any food manufacturer looking to improve their design and hygiene, the opportunity to hear directly from Jennings will be extremely useful. Talent Management A focus at this year’s foodpro is on the recruitment and staffing issues that occur in the food processing and manufacturing industry. Bayside Group Techstaff will talk about combating the cost of increased entry-level skill requirements in the FMCG sector. With technology advancements occurring more rapidly, skill and capability requirements at entry level are increasingly complex. This has significantly increased the time, effort and cost of engaging and training new employees. Many of the skills new employees require are not linked to Australian education standards. Without these linkages, this becomes a problem for employers, and there is a distinct lack of funding available from the government to meet these skill requirements. Therefore, there’s an increase in costs to businesses with regards to training, wages and productivity. The need to hire staff that are equipped for the job and fit into workplace culture is paramount to running a successful and efficient business. As competition only continues to increase, the need to find new recruits without incurring too much loss makes each new hire critical. Along with the seminar, recruiters will be available to chat through any issues or questions visitors may have at Stand X46 on Level 1. The full seminar timetable can be viewed at . All sessions are free to attend – simply indicate the sessions you’re interested in during the registration process.

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