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FT-Apr17-eMag 9 GO NUTS FOR ALMONDS! Recent food trends show consumers are seeking out healthier options in the foods they consume. This is great news for almonds because they pack a punch nutritionally – full of antioxidants, FT146 fibre, calcium and vitamins. So when added to foods, almonds provide excellent nutrition as well as a great energy source. So flexible, almonds can be used in a number of ways such as baking, trail mixes, cereals and energy bars. Almonds are great when you need to add texture and flavour to foods, and are available all year round. No matter what your product, it will be enhanced by the use of this versatile nut! Almonds are available in many different varieties – whole, roasted, sliced, diced, flaked, blanched, slivered and ground into flour. James Crisp Ltd, established in 1916, is a trusted supplier of almonds to the New Zealand food industry, as well a full range of nuts, dried fruits, cranberries and much more.

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