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EN-Aug17-eMag4 49 WEICON GETS IT MOVING Direct from Germany and specially selected from the impressive Weicon product range, this anti-seize paste represents the very latest innovations in lubricating and protecting compounds. Free of metal and usable with all metal types it is available in a handy 120g brush top container. Weicon anti-seize is the ideal choice for lubricating bolts, fittings and connections in high-temperature environments, and has NSF approval for use in food applications. It is particularly suited to New Zealand’s harsh environment including marine applications. It’s available now from newly-formed company Industrial Technologies who recently secured the exclusive New Zealand distribution of the worldrenowned Weicon range of products which includes adhesives and sealants, technical sprays, highperformance assembly pastes and greases, cleaning and protective liquids, gaskets and seals, thermal and electrical insulation as well as industrial tapes. REBOOT 6-axis industrial robot The Kuka KR 240 is a 6-axis industrial robot with articulated kinematics for all point-to-point and continuous-path controlled tasks. Its main areas of application are welding, handling, assembly and machining and features a large load-bearing capacity, enabling it to carry heavy tooling and parts quickly with smooth motions. The KR240 KRC2 robot is ideal for cost-effective manufacturing concepts. The long 2700 mm reach of the robot’s arm provides it with enough versatility to handle complex tasks. The series 2000 Kuka arms can be easily upgraded, allowing for longer use and more reliability. It has a payload of 240kg and weighs 1412 kg. For more information call James Clark at Southern Spars 09 845 7298. FOR

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