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FT-May16 37 REGULAR SCHEDULED CLEANING Before After ¤ Food Safety Cleaning ¤ Industrial Cleaning ¤ Industrial Painting ¤ Bird Proofing ¤ Building Maintenance ¤ Grounds Care For more information phone 09 2621696 www. u n i q u e s e r v i c e s . c o . n z ¤ Email enquiries to ¤ Paul: 0274 864 785 HM073 DAIRY SPECIAL Unique Services is heavily involved in contracts related to scheduled infrastructure cleaning. A number of clients structure their cleaning programmes on a system known as PIC (periodic infrastructure cleaning), which is based on a prioritised quarterly basis spread over a rolling 12 month cycle. All the allocated tasks are monitored and signed off by the client’s staff as they are completed. Recently Unique completed a quarterly clean at a major food manufacturer. This particular clean involved: Despatch warehouse: Palletising robots, clean and vacuum; stretch wrapping machine; packaging closures; switch cabinets, and deep cleaning and vacuuming floors including areas under machines and conveyors. Production Areas: Tops of ovens and heaters; bulk storage tanks and pipes; mixers; water heating units and piping; and vents. Tank Farm: All exterior surfaces, pipes and motors; mezzanine walkway and other tank farm equipment. On the alternate quarter, the raw material warehouse and all interconnecting walkways are cleaned. The six-monthly clean specified by this client involves the following: Mixing Room: Walls ceilings, lights and air conditioning units; weighing room walls ceilings and attachments; wash bay walls; batching area ; roller doors; and plastic door curtaining. Packing room: Walls, ceilings and air conditioning units; office roof areas; ceiling of hand washing area; pipework and the tops of at height equipment . On an annual basis the despatch warehouse has all the walls and ceilings, roller doors, conveyor belts stairs and platforms, and tops of equipment cleaned and dusted. The raw material store has a deep floor clean and all the interior walls ceilings and air-conditioning units are cleaned. All of these areas are documented and recorded each time they are cleaned and signed off by the client’s supervisors. Part of this documentation includes a record of all chemicals used and the concentration rates for individual areas. As can be appreciated, the contracting team needs a broad range of skill sets and qualifications (working at heights, chemical handling). Unique is CPNZ qualified and meets the highest safety standards. CPNZ means Contractor Pre-Qualification NZ. Unique Services prides itself on being able to meet all possible situations with the best available personnel.

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