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FT-Annual2017 99 Cursor Controls APC Technology Dairy Starter Cultures Additive Solutions Ltd Dako Global Science - a VWR Company Danfoss Ellis & Company Ltd Transmission House Limited Dansensor FF Instrumentation Ltd Datamax Rapid Labels Ltd RBS LTD Trade Scales Limited Wedderburn Scales Ltd Datanet data loggers FF Instrumentation Ltd DCN Food Processing Equipment (NZ) Pty Ltd DD Williamson Hawkins Watts Limited IMCD New Zealand Ltd Decagon Devices FF Instrumentation Ltd Decanox ADM Decon 90 Global Science - a VWR Company Della Toffola Della Toffola Pacific FB*PROPAK Delphin Bell Technology Ltd Delta Ohm Instrumatics Denka Seiken Global Science - a VWR Company DETECTAMET Detectaclean Ltd Deutsch & Neumann Global Science - a VWR Company DeVilbiss W A Stroud Limited DHA Additive Solutions Ltd Diagger Medi’Ray NZ Ltd Diana Food IMCD New Zealand Ltd Dick Knives Argus NZ Ltd Difco Fort Richard Laboratories Ltd DIGI Wedderburn Scales Ltd Dimanco NZMS Scientific DIMPLE-MAG(TM) Winery Magnets. MAGNATTACK™ Global Ditab Brenntag New Zealand Ltd Diversey Lever Global Science - a VWR Company DKS IMCD New Zealand Ltd DMM Meat Harvesting Marel New Zealand Limited DNA Diagnostic Ngaio Diagnostics Ltd DOGLIOTTI Viniquip International Ltd Domino CODEMARK LTD DOMNICK HUNTER HWL Air & Gas Don Whitley Scientific AS1 Ltd Donaldson Filtration Powder Systems and Services NZ Ltd DoorMag Magnets New Zealand Ltd Dostmann Bell Technology Ltd DOW IMCD New Zealand Ltd Dow Corning Global Science - a VWR Company Dr Ehrenstorfer Global Science - a VWR Company DSM Fort Richard Laboratories Ltd Invita Ingredients For Life DT Seperatch Della Toffola Pacific dualis ifm efector pty ltd DuPont Prolux Pty Ltd Duran Group Global Science - a VWR Company Durand Marel New Zealand Limited dwyer Camfil Ltd DYNATHERM Waterworks Wholesale Dyno Dyno NZ DynoChain Dyno NZ DZ Transmission Transmission House Limited Eagle Food Processing Equipment (NZ) Pty Ltd Eaton (CEAG Menvier) Ellis & Company Ltd eco-Link ifm efector pty ltd Ecom Food Industries Corporation Scios Limited ecomat controllers ifm efector pty ltd Edicas Oppenheimer NZ Ltd EDME IMCD New Zealand Ltd Edwards Alphatech Systems Limited EFA Food Processing Equipment (NZ) Pty Ltd efector ifm efector pty ltd Electrothermal Global Science - a VWR Company Elga Global Science - a VWR Company Elkay Global Science - a VWR Company Elmex Ngaio Diagnostics Ltd Elpress Food Processing Equipment (NZ) Pty Ltd ELYSEE Waterworks Wholesale Endecotts Global Science - a VWR Company Enduro Contour International Enhance Oppenheimer NZ Ltd Enmin Enmin Vibratory Equipment Pty Ltd Enzidase® Zymus Enzymotec Invita Ingredients For Life Eppendorf Medi’Ray NZ Ltd ES Plastics ES Plastics Ltd Escort Bell Technology Ltd Eureka Auckland Bearing Distributors Limited EUROPRESS Waterworks Wholesale Eutech Alphatech Systems Limited FF Instrumentation Ltd Evonik Chemiplas (NZ) Limited Exafine Brenntag New Zealand Ltd Excel Contour International EXOS Food Processing Equipment (NZ) Pty Ltd extension arms Flexicon Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd EYE Lighting Ellis & Company Ltd Ezyroll Dyno NZ F&C Licorice Invita Ingredients For Life Factory Talk Rockwell Automation NZ LTD FAG Auckland Bearing Distributors Limited Falc Instruments Alphatech Systems Limited farr Camfil Ltd Felix Koch Offenbach Hawkins Watts Limited Fibersol-2 ADM Fibran Oppenheimer NZ Ltd Fibrous Oppenheimer NZ Ltd Fibruline Brenntag New Zealand Ltd Fibrulose Brenntag New Zealand Ltd Filtalon by Filtercorp Filtercorp International Limited FilterMag Magnets New Zealand Ltd Finishing Brand W A Stroud Limited FINITE HWL Air & Gas Firmenich Invita Ingredients For Life Fischbein Sewing systems Aurora Process Solutions Fishpad Oppenheimer NZ Ltd FlatJet Spraying Systems NZ Ltd. Flavorjen Chemiplas (NZ) Limited Flavorpro Brenntag New Zealand Ltd FLEXI FORCE lump breaker Flexicon Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd FLEXI-DISC tubular cable conveyor Flexicon Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd FloMax Spraying Systems NZ Ltd. FloodJet Spraying Systems NZ Ltd. Florigo TNA New Zealand Ltd Floveyor Aurora Process Solutions FLOW-FLEXER Bulk Bag Agitation Device Flexicon Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd FMC Hawkins Watts Limited FoamJet Spraying Systems NZ Ltd. FogJet Spraying Systems NZ Ltd. Foodchek Systems Inc Global Science - a VWR Company FOODesign TNA New Zealand Ltd FORCE10 Magnetics Aurora Process Solutions Formula Foods Formula Foods Fortress Interlocks Ellis & Company Ltd Fourtec FF Instrumentation Ltd Fox Instrumatics FoxJet CODEMARK LTD FRAMAX FB*PROPAK Frank Food Products Additive Solutions Ltd FreNZlife ES Plastics Ltd FruitMax Chr Hansen Pty Ltd Fruitpad Oppenheimer NZ Ltd Fuchs Fuchs Lubricants (Australasia) FUJI-ACE Robotics Aurora Process Solutions Fujirebio Inc Global Science - a VWR Company Fujitoku Oppenheimer NZ Ltd FullJet Spraying Systems NZ Ltd. Futura Invita Ingredients For Life FYH Auckland Bearing Distributors Limited G.A.S. Alphatech Systems Limited GAI Viniquip International Ltd Gamajet Spray Nozzle Engineering Ltd Gardner Denver Global Science - a VWR Company Gastec Global Science - a VWR Company Gatx W A Stroud Limited GE Healthcare Global Science - a VWR Company GEA GEA New Zealand Gema W A Stroud Limited Gerber Instruments Global Science - a VWR Company Gerkens Invita Ingredients For Life Getac APC Technology Gimar Della Toffola Pacific Givaudan GS Hall and Company Limited Glacier Auckland Bearing Distributors Limited GlenSide GlenSide Engineering Limited GNT Invita Ingredients For Life Godex Trade Scales Limited Weighpac NZ Ltd Golden Peanut ADM GOLDRING HWL Air & Gas GOS Additive Solutions Ltd Gosyan Invita Ingredients For Life Graco Pump & Machinery Co Ltd W A Stroud Limited Graintec iButton Microlite Picolite Caframo FF Instrumentation Ltd Grant Instruments Global Science - a VWR Company Grasselli Food Processing Equipment (NZ) Pty Ltd Greiner BioOne Medi’Ray NZ Ltd Grundfos Pump & Machinery Co Ltd GS Hall GS Hall and Company Limited Guardmaster Rockwell Automation NZ LTD Guest Global Science - a VWR Company GunJet Spraying Systems NZ Ltd. GVS Filter Technology Alphatech Systems Limited Gyrozen (Bio-Medical Science) Alphatech Systems Limited Haake Global Science - a VWR Company HAAS Selpak Hach Global Science - a VWR Company Hach Hamilton Bell Technology Ltd HANDTMANN Multivac New Zealand Ltd Handwash McIndoe Group Ltd Hanna Alphatech Systems Limited Medi’Ray NZ Ltd Hannah Metrology Calibration Services Limited Hannay Reels Spray Nozzle Engineering Ltd Haztainer CHEP Pallecon Solutions (NZ) Limited HCH Auckland Bearing Distributors Limited Henkovac Food Processing Equipment (NZ) Pty Ltd Heraeus Cosmo Ultraviolet Ltd Herbafood Hawkins Watts Limited Herbstreith & Fox Hawkins Watts Limited Herenz Heinz Global Science - a VWR Company Hermle Alphatech Systems Limited Hettich Global Science - a VWR Company HEUFT TNA New Zealand Ltd HFE High Frequency Electronics Ltd HIC Auckland Bearing Distributors Limited HILLBRUSH Detectaclean Ltd Hilmar Ingredients Chemiplas (NZ) Limited SUPPL IERSB IRNADNEDXS

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