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FT-Annual2017 41 PROFESSOR RICHARD MITCHELL (Otago Polytechnic) Mitchell is Research and Enterprise Leader for the Food Design Institute at Otago Polytechnic. His expertise surrounds experience design and branding, and his passion lies in story-telling around food and the value that adds to culinary design. Mitchell currently lectures on the Bachelor of Culinary Arts and the Postgraduate Design qualifications at Otago Polytechnic. He also has extensive postgraduate supervision experience. He is currently working on a national strategy for Conversationz – a grass-roots organisation that is looking to better promote the quality of food in New Zealand. Mitchell has lectured at Otago Polytechnic for five years and has been a food and beverage researcher for almost two decades. Previously, he was chairperson of the New Zealand Food and Wine Tourism Network. MICHAEL BROOKS (Poultry Industry Association) ADRIAN WOODHOUSE (Otago Polytechnic) Woodhouse is principal lecturer and academic leader of Bachelor of Culinary Arts at the Food Design Institute at Otago Polytechnic. He has a degree in Applied Management with a specialisation in entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as a Masters of Professional Practice, focusing on critical culinary pedagogy. As a result, his specialised area of food design is developing entrepreneurship within small scale food enterprises. Woodhouse has run a number of start-ups, including Levito Bakery, and is currently operating as a brand development consultant in Dunedin. He is particularly interested in taking ideas based upon consumer needs, and transforming them into fully working business concepts.He’s also a qualified chef, and before his 14 years at Otago Polytechnic, he worked in fine dining for more than a decade before moving into artisan bakery work. SAM McIVOR (Beef + Lamb, New Zealand Meat Board) McIvor was appointed chief executive of Beef + Lamb New Zealand in 2016, and is also the chief executive of the New Zealand Meat Board. McIvor is an experienced leader with a range of strategic thinking and management experience which enables him to support both organisations’ work for sheep and beef farmers, and the broader sector. Previously the group general manager of farm operations at Ospri, McIvor has held chief executive roles with Preston Corp and New Zealand Pork, and his primary industry career has spanned onfarm activity through to processing and retail. This included Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s predecessor organisation Meat & Wool New Zealand as the research and development manager, as well as product and information transfer manager. Michael Brooks is executive director of PIANZ and also heads the Egg Producers Federation and the NZ Feed Manufacturers Association. These industry associations represent the interests of respective members, protecting and promoting development through advice and dialogue with Government. WHO’S WHO

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