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FT-Nov17-eMag 21 PREVENTING FOREIGN BODIES WITH DETECTABLE PLASTICS Metal detection and x-ray inspection systems are tried, tested and often mandatory methods of reducing metallic and high-density food contaminants. By Annicka Webb of BST Detectable Products These inspection systems aren’t without their limitations however; primarily the inability to detect non-metallic and low-density Fully moulded Filament Security Units – Safer & more hygienic than resin set brushware. Outstanding filament security Unique brush head pattern Ultra hygienic design    UST – World’s Safest Food Grade Brushware All UST products are fully colour coded & food contact approved Brush head pattern makes UST brushes easy to clean & dry & improves cleaning efficiency. ULTRA SAFE TECHNOLOGY (UST) WELLS DETECTABLE PRODUCTS Reduce risk of Foreign object contamination  Manufactured from Sales Enquiries p: +64 (9) 263 9332 e: Call today for a free demo! The most comprehensive range of metal & X-ray detectable products in Australia & New Zealand. XDETECT® 2.0 food grade plastic material, for both effective metal & X-ray detection. Strengthens HACCP processes in food and pharmaceutical industries.   FT401 contaminants such as plastics, rubbers and fabrics. This is where BST / Wells’ ‘Detectable Products’ -  specially designed for the food industry - come to the rescue. Detectable products usually work by using  specifically formulated food grade plastics containing evenly dispersed ferromagnetic, high-density and antimicrobial additives. Common foreign body risks include pens, plastic scoops, plastic scrapers, rubber machinery seals and gaskets, plasters, hairnets, broken plastic buckets and boxes. These are all items that are now available in metal detectable materials from BST Detectable Products. Detectable plastics are subject to the same legislation as regular plastics where they come into regular direct contact with food. The key piece of legislation is Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, which requires all plastic food contact  articles to be migration tested using a variety of simulants. BST has spent considerable time ensuring that their XDETECT (metal and x-ray visible) plastic is compliant with European (EU), American (FDA) and Japanese  food contact standards. Wells Hygiene works in close partnership with BST to ensure that only the highest quality Detectable Products are ranged. These products will withstand the stringent conditions of ongoing audits and provide comfort, safety and usability in the production environment. For more information, contact Wells Hygiene on (09) 263 9332 or FOREIGN MATTER DETECTION

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