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FT-oct17-eMag 9 DATES, NUTS AND CHRISTMAS! Christmas time is all about catching up with friends and family, and there’s nothing quite like enjoying delicious baking while you do just that! Dates and nuts are the winning combination FT146 when baking for Christmas - so versatile and always in season. From baked bars, cakes, cookies, muffins, pies or desserts, the options are endless. Chocolate-Coated Caramel Honeycomb with Salted Peanuts So many sweet treats can be improved with a little crunch, and nuts are the obvious addition to do it. Add them in the form of a topping, as in caramel honeycomb with salted peanuts. The name is a bit misleading, since the recipe doesn’t include any actual honeycomb. Instead, it’s a reference to consistency and appearance…when caramel is combined with baking soda, it bubbles up to form an aerated, light golden candy that looks a bit like honeycomb. Once it sets, pour on melted chocolate, sprinkle on crunchy peanuts and break off a piece as you would with peanut brittle. Date-Nut Cookies Date-Nut Cookies combine the flaky texture of butter cookies with the nutty flavour of walnuts and finish with the gooey goodness of dates. It’s the perfect marriage of sweet and melt-in-your mouth creaminess. Christmas Snowball Cookies Christmas Snowball Cookies have a nutty flavour and almost sandy texture that comes from ground toasted nuts—almonds are traditional, but other nuts work too. It’s not a snowball cookie without a generous dusting of coconut and the key to an even coating is to roll the cookies in coconut twice, so the first layer melts into a glaze that helps the second coat stick. Date Nut Christmas Cake This cake is very heavy and rich with a little going a long way. It’s very easy to make using eggs, sugar, flour, chopped nuts and dates, ensuring a moist, tasty Christmas Cake. James Crisp is a leading New Zealand importer and supplier of quality dates and nuts sourced from around the globe to bakers, food service and the food manufacturing industry.

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