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FT-aug17-eMag 41 received great media billing, featuring on Television New Zealand’s breakfast show. Turmeric is clearly the flavour of the season as far as health foods go, the Tusitalas say, with their innovative blended turmeric-coconut drink and a nondairy turmeric latte flying off the counters. Papua New Guinea’s Paradise Foods was a first-time participant with its wide range of Queen Emma branded chocolates and Paradise spices. General manager Karina Makori says the response to their products at the food show had exceeded her expectations. “It’s a first time for us,” she says, “but the response has been fantastic.” The company was approached with several potential distribution offers, she says. Samoa’s Koko Loa chocolates and cocoa products engendered great interest, with Grace Wilson of Samoan food products exporter Wilex saying the chocolates sold well across the counter and had received offers from potential distributors. Major Fijian food products exporter FMF sampled and sold its range of biscuits and Dalo chips at the show. “We taste-tested the new flavours of biscuits and are really pleased with the positive feedback,” export manager Rakesh Raju says. Fellow Fijian bottled water manufacturer and exporter Pleass beverages was a first-time participant, and national sales manager Stanley Naicker says the novel shape of the bottle and its biodegradability were great conversation starters. He was happy with the potential distribution leads that he had picked up, as well as with the level of sampling and the positive feedback he received. Tonga’s Tupu’anga Coffee was a favourite at The Hub, with coffee grower/barista Alipate Mafileo’s personality bringing in a steady stream of visitors wanting to sample and buy his coffee and Manioke chips. PTI will follow up with the companies over the next few weeks to see how they progressed with the leads the food show has helped generate.

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