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FT-aug17-eMag 11 MORE SLEEP AND LESS TEARS FOR BABIES An Israeli study has found that young babies fed with formula containing SN-2 palmitate cry less and sleep more than those who don’t. The ingredient is a bioactive babies, including better fat and calcium Now, the clinical study funded by Advanced Lipids, has shown that a third of the 171 healthy-term infants taking part in the study and fed formula containing SN-2 palmitate, slept better and cried for shorter durations. Advanced Lipids clinical marketing manager and technical director Dr Sigalit Zchut says the study group was split into three – with the two other groups fed a control formula or solely breastfed. The frequency of crying, length of crying episodes, daily number of sleep periods and sleep duration were measured at six weeks of age, and again at 12 SEAL7039NZF1 acid structure of breast milk, SN-2 helps us offer many of the same benefits in formula. This research adds to the growing body of clinical evidence for the many advantages of SN-2 palmitate. It’s great news for manufacturers but also for parents, for whom infant crying and sleep are major concerns.” The paper has been published in TRIED, TESTED AND TRUSTED FOR MORE INFO FREEPHONE 0508 HILL LAB (44 555 22) and has been shown to offer a range of benefits for absorption, and softer stools. weeks. “Patterns of both crying and sleep differed significantly between the two formula-fed groups,” he says. “The breast-fed babies, and those fed on the formula containing SN-2, had fewer crying episodes than the babies fed on standard formula. The duration of their crying was also shorter. Furthermore, the infants fed on formula containing SN-2 enjoyed longer average sleep duration than those fed on standard formula.” Zchut says more sleep and less crying improves the well-being of formula-fed infants and consequently the quality of life of their parents, and further emphasises the importance of SN2-palmitate for infant nutrition. “Breast-feeding will always be the gold standard. However, by mimicking the fatty OUR INNOVATIVE MICROBIOLOGICAL FOOD TESTING GIVES YOU RAPID RESULTS! MICROBIOLOGICAL FOOD TESTING Our innovative new PCR testing will increase the efficiency of your business by giving you faster results. Now available in our Hamilton, Blenheim and Christchurch laboratories, our test gives next day results (or an additional day to confirm a positive sample). Our PCR test is accredited for export, with the added benefit of a reduced number of false positive screens. To find out more, talk to one of our Client Services Managers today. Clinics in Mother and Child Health. Advanced Lipids is a joint venture established by Enzymotec (a leading biotech company specialising in lipid-based bio-functional ingredients) and AAK (a global producer and supplier of speciality vegetable fats and oils for the infant formula industry). More at

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