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FT-Jul17-eMag-1 23 CLICK&DRY One of the most critical parts of high pressure spray dryers is the spray dry nozzle system. Nozzles that are not suited to the application or properly maintained can affect powder quality and cause contamination, Spray Nozzle Engineering says. Components can suffer damage during assembly, operation and cleaning, and build-up of burnt liquid inside the cap chamber, on outer edges or near the threads is a problem, especially if an incorrect nozzle is hard to clean. That’s why CLICK&DRY Compact Spray Dry Series by Spray Nozzle Engineering has made cleaning and hygiene easier, safer and less time- consuming. Designed with improved cleaning and maintenance in mind, all CLICK&DRY nozzle caps do not use O-Ring sealing grooves in the cap, thanks to the Push Fit CCT (Concentric clasp technology). Hygiene is improved with a totally smooth and easy-to-clean cap chamber design making cleaning after long product runs on more sticky products faster and easier. CLICK&DRY also offers as standard the ultimate long-life body thread system, a feature making the CLICK&DRY Spray Dry Nozzle System one of the safest, easiest to disassemble, clean and reassemble without thread damage or non-food grade thread lubricants. If heavy product adhesion is a problem, the CLICK&DRY can be ordered with optional Screw Clasp Technology, giving you easy removal without wear part breakage, which means major operational cost savings. Spray Nozzle Engineering has perfected a better Spray Dry Nozzle over a decade of testing, to address all areas of performance including easier cleaning, productivity, powder quality, faster change-outs and long term cost savings. As a result, Spray Nozzle Engineering now offers an industry first guarantee of: oneyear wear part wear, two-year wear part breakages and two-year thread galling on the Compact Nozzles or four-year thread galling on their larger SuperMaxi Nozzles. Contact: or phone 0800 NOZZLE; website: FT332 THE ULTIMATE FOR SPRAY DRY NOZZLES Increased scrutiny of milk powder and infant formula production plants has seen the need for higher levels of cleaning, hygiene and quality...and one local company leads the field. FOREIGN MATTER DETECTION

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