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FT-May17-eMag 35 growth and excess ethylene. Coolsan is the only company to use low dose H2O2 ROS vapour for cool room and facility hygiene. With their technology now suitable for industrial use, it’s sure to create marked change in food waste. Knowing just how much bacon is a hit, Unitherm promises to ‘bring you better bacon’ with their new unique process at foodpro. Not only will the equipment be on site, but it will be cooking bacon too, allowing visitors to experience how the process can produce bacon slices of any desired crispness or colour. Munters will be launching their new ML/MX range – a flexible system that allows food manufacturers to solve humidity and temperature control requirements with the new range of dehumidifiers. Issues such as stickiness, mould and condensation can be resolved with the integration of Munters’ climate systems. These stand alone dehumidifiers are built based on customers’ specific needs – allowing processers to create a system out of modules added specifically to suit requirements. Emona Instruments will be bringing Armfield to the show, specifically the modular miniature scale UHT/ HTST process systems. The FT174X and FT74X are products designed to improve food research and new product development for process systems at a small scale. The FT174X is a modular HTST/UHT processing system designed to treat products at flow rates of 12-40 L/hr or up to 60 L/hr for water (or similar low viscosity products). This reduces the amount of product/raw materials, time, energy and wastage involved in the process of developing of a new product. Perten Instruments will feature the Delta Lactoscope FTIR, a state-of-the-art instrument that uses modern FTIR optics. The instrument uses a method that is AOAC and IDF approved for the analysis of lactose, protein, fat and total solids in milk and can also test other products such as whey, yoghurt and cream. The versatility of this instrument is second to none, with an efficient flow system and unnecessary valves and pumps removed – easier operation, less maintenance and longer calibration intervals. The Perten Instruments stand will showcase the NIR DA7250, which has been certified by AUSMEAT. It has an IP65 certified enclosure and uses open-faced cup scanning, making it well suited for the analysis of raw and cooked small goods, patty production and raw meat. The instrument is for the inspection of incoming meat, monitoring production of ground meat, optimising sausage recipes and much more. foodpro also co-locates with thew AIFST (Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology) Convention. More than 400 delegates are expected to attend the convention’s 50th year to hear about topics such as the future nutritional needs, technology driving innovation, regulations related to imports as well as a roundtable discussing financing innovation and growth in the food industry. foodpro will undoubtedly be the most important event in the Australasian food processing and manufacturing industry’s calendar this year. For more information, or to register, visit: FT294 When: 16 – 19 July 2017 Opening Hours: Sun: 11am - 5pm; Mon & Tue: 10am - 5pm; Wed: 10am-3pm Where: ICC Sydney exhibition building, Darling Harbour Registration: Register online for free entry at (foodpro is strictly a trade only event).

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