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FT-feb2017 digi-1 35 SEXY A selection of Canterbury’s best beer breweries have partnered with Nostalgia Festival to create a limited edition mixedcan six-pack that will be sold across New Zealand. Three Boys’ Pacific Pale Ale, Two Thumb Brewing Company’s Bloodshot Red IPA, Beer Baroness’s Big Bertha APA, Ghost Brewing’s Delicious Pale Ale, Amberley Brewery Brew Moon’s Daydreamer IPA and Harrington’s Brewery’s Rogue State Pilsner will feature in each pack, which will be available at the festival on March 4 at Ferrymead Heritage Park in Christchurch. Festival organiser Johnny Gibson says the event is a music, food and cultural festival, set within the unique environment of the 1900s replica township within Christchurch’s Heathcote Valley, and he is expecting it to sell out as the 2016 festival did. The six breweries were approached last year to take part in the six-pack collaboration, with all cans featuring the 2017 Nostalgia Festival artwork, which was designed by local design partner McCarthy. “The six-pack was a great opportunity to showcase a range of some of the best breweries in the area and exhibit the collaborative nature of the festival and craft beer industry,” Gibson says. “If I’m going out to a summer barbecue I inevitably grab three or four different cans so I can try a few different things. That’s how the idea began.” Gibson hopes the cans will give consumers an opportunity to try new styles and flavours of beers SIX-PACK from different breweries. He chose cans rather than bottles because he believes they perform better under light, and are compact. Three Boys’ Misty Weed says the brewery is very excited to be part of an innovative collaboration of the Canterbury brewing scene. “The cans are quite obviously extremely cool, but what’s inside is what we love to do and what we love to be a part of,” she says. The limited edition six-packs will be sold by beer distributor BeerNZ, predominantly throughout retailers in Canterbury but also in Dunedin, Wellington and Auckland. The beers are available for online orders from

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