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FT-May16 63 The mission of Bucher Filtrox Systems AG is clear: We want to be the world’s leading supplier of microfiltration systems for highly sensitive liquids. While technology has changed greatly throughout the years, one thing remains the same: Our customers produce liquids that need to be clear. When it comes to product safety, there is no room for error. That is why they choose BUCHER FILTROX filtration systems for their reliability and safety. Of course, economics matter too. Bucher Filtrox is constantly researching for new and more efficient ways of filtering liquids safely. These efforts have led to a large number of patented innovations, and our dedicated team keeps adding more each year: • SYNOX PF and SECUJET - Candle Filters Precoat Filtration with D.E. (Kieselguhr) is the most FT062 CERINOX® MF Cross-flow filtration plant with ceramic membranes SECUJET® Precoat candle filter FOM® 110 DGR Horizontal pressure leaf filter Head office Bucher Filtrox Systems AG Moosmühlestr. 8 9000 St. Gallen Switzerland Local office Bucher-Alimentech Ltd Level 1, 10 Arthur Brown Place Mt Wellington, Auckland Phone +64 9 573 1333 • CERINOX BR - Ceramic Crossflow Microfiltration for Beer Recovery. This cross-flow technology with ceramic membranes was introduced by Filtrox more than 10 years ago and is now well established in the brewing industry.  The facilities of Bucher Filtrox Systems AG are located in the beautiful Sitter valley outside of St.Gallen, in the northeast corner of Switzerland. This region, with its rich industrial tradition, provides a substantial pool of highly qualified and motivated employees. Bucher Filtrox Systems AG is part of another Swiss company, Bucher Industries, which has a total of more than 10,000 employees worldwide.  For more information please contact the local office in Auckland. widespread method of beer filtration today. New to the market though are regenerable filter aids (polymers like Crosspure from BASF). The SYNOX PF along with its smaller brother SECUJET have become a standard in the industry. The patented STABOX Candles and the optimised JET CONTROL inlet distributor guarantee an even precoat and minimised interphases. The SYNOX PF is also designed to be used with alternative filter-aids. • The SECUJET with a capacity of 20 to 50 hl/h is widely used by craft brewers in the United States and South America. • CERINOX BF - Ceramic Crossflow Microfiltration for beer: Bucher Filtrox can now offer a solution with ceramic membranes, which are very robust, reliable, sterilisable and cleaned very easily with caustic and acid.  Panoramic view of St Gallen. SWISS QUALITY AND KNOW-HOW DELIVERS BEST IN BEER FILTRATION

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