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FT-May16 Blenheim - 03 577 9000 and Sour Grapes (which have whole grapes added to the barrel), and the bottles are finished with cork and wire like champagne. The company has become a Kiwi success 3 hour analysis for Pediococcus and Lactobacillus Testing your beer for spoilage organisms is a whole lot easier and faster with brewPAL. 3 hours is all it takes to ensure your beer is good to go. “We are now able to have a more productive brewery and feel confident that every beer leaving our facility is of the quality we intended and our fans deserved.“ Adam Bartles, Director of Brewery Operations, Victory Brewing Company, Philadelphia Talk to NZMS Scientific today about spoilage management P 09 259 4062 E W DEK 61 www.Coming soon to PACIFIC RIM OENOLOGY SERVICES TEST ONSITE IN LESS THAN 3 HOURS Now available for wild dekerra species FT073 story deliberately investing ahead of growth. Moa recently overtook its competitor Asahi-owned Boundary Rd to hop into the number three spot for supermarket sales in New Zealand. Hughes says product development is a key focus, and the company recently piloted a session pale ale in cans, which will be released throughout New Zealand later this year. “Our focus has been to get the New Zealand market right, then put more of an assault into the offshore markets,” says Hughes. Moa has just started exporting to Korea, where it has shipped a container to a new distributor who is testing consumers’ appetite for the premium brand. Hughes says Moa enlisted the help of NZTE to put that deal together, and NZTE helped to set up meetings with potential distributors in Korea, then helped Moa understand the nuances of the rules around importing in the country. “You don’t want to be dealing with a company that sells beer, handbags, shoes and car doors because they are trying to be everything to everyone. That’s why having in-market expertise from NZTE is crucial.” Hughes will visit Korea this July to meet the distributor and find out which beers have sold well. He says NZTE and the wine industry have built up New Zealand’s quality brand globally. “That has been really helpful for the craft beer exporters because it has created that brand around the relevance of region and the incredible quality that comes out of New Zealand,” he says. Moa’s links to the wine industry have also been helpful offshore, as the company shares distributors with Allan Scott Wines in some markets. “What makes sour beers really hard to get right is trying to control the fermentation to get the right result. You’ve got to make sure there’s just enough fermentables in the barrel ...

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