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FT-May16 47 MatM an Washing Solutions Ltd knows Crate Washing • Hire • Sales & service • Contract washing • Mobile units available Contact us today for all your crate washing needs e: m: +64 27 288 8299 t: +64 7 825 9190 FT011 9410 Matman advert 105 x 74.25 DRAFT.indd 1 8/05/12 11:50 AM GLOBAL EXPERTS IN FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY. TOGETHER WE BUILD AND PROTECT CONSUMER CONFIDENCE. Third Party Auditing & Certification Industry Training Laboratory Testing PATHOGEN TESTING SEAL6645FT1 TRIED, TESTED AND TRUSTED FOR MORE INFO FREEPHONE 0508 HILL LAB (44 555 22) RAPID RESULTS NEW PATHOGEN PCR TESTING We’re proud to offer innovative new PCR testing services for Salmonella and Listeria in food and environmental samples. Developed and validated at our Molecular Facility in Hamilton, our test gives next day results (or an additional day to confirm a positive sample). Our PCR test is accredited for export, with the added benefit of a reduced number of false positive screens. To find out more, talk to one of our Client Service Managers today. Tel. 0508 00 11 22 FT058 level for young children. Prior to this, health authorities around the world had issued guidelines for ‘acceptable’ levels of lead contamination, but surveys and reports have shown that even at the lowest levels there were health effects in children, including impaired brain development and behavioural disorders. Other uses of pXRF analysis include extreme-weather debris migration studies, agriculture soil inspections and construction and demolition waste sorting. A further use is as part of hazardous waste screening for disposal classification.

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