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FT-May16 23 tion in order to optimise the production process. With increasing demand for its products from customers around the world, it was imperative that the company maximise its production line efficiencies to meet output targets. “One of the key requirements for an efficient line is communication between all equipment,” Amiaud says. “Line integration is the first step towards operational efficiency as it ensures each component communicates effectively with the others. In the case of Maravilla, it was important that the new conveyors were synchronised with the current line so that all individual components can operate simultaneously at their highest level of performance.” In keeping with those objectives, tna installed a fully integrated control system across Maravilla’s entire production line. Via a combination of programmable logic controller (PLC) systems and sensors, operators can now accurately control the speed at which the product is transferred from the feeder into the fryer and the optimum frying temperature, as well as having complete control of the operation of the seasoning system. This ensures the process only begins once the product is inside the drum and avoids unnecessary waste. With a PLC at the heart of the control system and a clear, concise Human Machine Interface (HMI) system providing machine status and production data, Maravilla experienced better workforce efficiency, improved product quality and enhanced product safety. For example, due to the installation of tna’s automation systems, operators at Maravilla can now monitor any unusual activity, and react quickly and efficiently, before any further processes are affected, significantly simplifying operations and reducing the risk of human error. A turnkey approach covers everything from project management, design, manufacturing, installation, testing, training, after-market support and warranty services. Maravilla was looking for a provider that could take full responsibility for the entire project – from start to finish.

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