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FT FEB2016-HR 31 LOGIX Rockwell Automation has expanded its Allen- Bradley ControlLogix family of controllers to enable faster system performance and support the growing use of smart devices in manufacturing and industrial operations. The new ControlLogix 5580 controller provides up to 45 percent more application capacity and includes an embedded 1-gigabyte Ethernet port to support high-performance communications, I/O and applications with up to 256 axes of motion. In addition, the product selection process is easier with the ControlLogix 5580 controller because users can now select the appropriate model using the total number of Ethernet nodes required. A single ControlLogix 5580 controller can support up to 300 Ethernet nodes. SPRING RETRACTABLE HOSE REELS NOW SAFER Spring retractable hose reels have made a significant difference to the health and safety of Australasian workers across a wide range of industries. No longer a trip hazard, businesses find accident claims for trips and falls caused by industrial hoses are significantly reduced after these reels are installed. Tecpro has released a safety brake system to slowdown the speed of hose reel retraction. Their Brake can be used in most applications and has earned FDA approval for use in the food industry. Ituses a compact, adjustable pawl locking mechanism that attaches to their Spring Retractable Hose Reels. PROTECT YOUR BRAND WITH CHEMUNEX® RAPID MICROBIOLOGY ANALYSERS Reduce test times, release your products faster with D-Count 25® and D-Count 50® Applications-: • Dairy products: including yoghurts, deserts, UHT milks, soy milk, rice milk…… • Beverage’s: Energy drinks, Ice teas, soft drinks… • Fruit juices and drinks, concentrates, fruit preparations. • Soups and sauces. • Finished products, In-process products, raw materials and process water. Combined Speed with sensitivity to: • Release products faster • Reduce quarantine time • Decrease inventory holding and warehouse costs • Protect the integrity of your brand The controller also supports enhanced security as part of a defense-in-depth approach to help protect facilities, assets and intellectual property. The controller incorporates advanced security technologies and software features, such as digitally signed and encrypted firmware, change detection and audit logging. As with other Logix controllers, engineers can use the Rockwell Software Studio 5000 design software to configure the ControlLogix 5580 controller and develop all elements of their control system. Data can be defined once, and then easily accessed and re-used across the entire Studio 5000 environment to speed system development and commissioning. IS THE SMART CHOICE P R O D U C T R A N G E

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