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FT FEB2016-HR 19 HM149 New Zealand’s dairy sector is in good shape in terms of food safety capability, according to a recent report released by the Dairy Capability Working Group. The independent group established in 2014 by the Ministry for Primary Industries says the essential ingredient is a robust food safety culture from governance level down through dairy sector organisations and industry leaders across the sector. It also says that all parts of the dairy value chain have a part to play in food safety, and that the matter is important for all participants. Group Chair Greg Gent says the findings make it clear that New Zealand’s dairy food safety capability is in good shape, with examples of excellence in many parts of the value chain. “Our recommendations are about preparing for the future to ensure that New Zealand’s dairy food safety capability remains world class,” Gent says. “There are areas of education and training where a greater emphasis on food safety awareness would benefit the dairy sector, particularly in leadership roles and in broader qualifications that require food safety awareness. We also found a need to give food safety careers a higher profile and to articulate clear career pathways across the dairy sector. “That, however, is only part of what is required to future-proof our dairy sector’s food safety capability. We also need to build a common sector wide food safety culture. Leadership is key to this culture shift and the empowerment and training of board directors is critical to achieving this change. Such a culture change will also need to be supported through collaborative partnerships that involve regulators, industry, education organisations, research institutes and consumers.” Ten recommendations have been made by the group, including three for immediate action. These include the introduction of voluntary guidelines on best practice food safety governance for board directors; the need to highlight food safety excellence across the sector; and improving cross-sector capability through a programme of industry/regulator secondments involving MPI. Other key recommendations with a longer timeframe include: promoting a food safety culture across the dairy sector and ensuring common understandings of all dimensions of food safety; enhancing the relevance and scope of food safety education and training, especially for leadership and non-specialist roles; and, raising the profile of food safety careers. Implementation of agreed recommendations will commence this year. Dairy industry food safety in good shape TRUE PARTNERSHIP CREATES SEAMLESS OUTCOMES The team at Fonterra Edendale knew that to ensure the successful delivery of their new Milk Treatment Redline area, they needed a specialist design-build contractor with critical hygiene expertise and experience working in the dairy industry and existing environments. With an industry-leading understanding of redline requirements - including HEPA flow design and installation, logistical layouts including airlock entries, and hygiene detailing - Apollo Projects was the logical choice. With the project successfully completed in September 2015, the industry certifier has called it “one of the best redlines in the country.” Consisting of a redline change area, milk sampling room, air lock and staff amenities, the hygiene detailing is to a world-class standard. Specifically designed for cleanroom and processing areas, Kingspan CS insulated panel provides a temperature controlled and hygiene safe environment; innovative polymer coving is free of ledges, impact resistant and easy-to-clean. A critical aspect of this project was ensuring Fonterra could undertake their operations during the construction period. Apollo’s solution - establish a temporary high hygiene redline facility, allowing uninterrupted processing during the construction phase. While Apollo has completed a number of design-build projects for Fonterra throughout New Zealand, this project was the first to be undertaken as part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two companies. The new redline is a fantastic example of a true partnership creating seamless outcomes irrespective of the inherent project complexities. D A I R Y F O O D S A F E T Y

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