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EN-Dir2017-EMAG 9 THERMAL IMAGING SEE MORE WITH INNOVATIVE, RELIABLE THERMOGRAPHY Thermal imaging cameras are fast becoming an important tool for a multitude of applications, helping you identify weak spots and damage effectively, whether you are checking buildings, performing industrial maintenance, inspecting solar energy / photovoltaic systems or undertaking research. Our range of thermal imagers have outstanding infrared image quality and innovative technologies such as SuperResolution, Site Recognition or full radiometric video. At Eurotec we offer a variety of high quality non-contact temperature measurement equipment from our European suppliers including portable handheld imagers from Testo through to Infrared thermometers, pyrometers and fixed in-line cameras from Dias and Optris. The team at Eurotec are highly qualified and experienced with the range of instruments with several team members being Level 1 qualified thermographers. We are further able to provide an After Sales service including calibration of all thermal imagers. Want to learn how to use your thermal imaging camera to its full potential?  Twice a year, Eurotec provides a 5 day on site workshop through which level 1 Themography certification can be attained. Make use of all camera features and functions available for your specific application and gain a qualification in an ever growing area of industrial maintenance. Thermography expert Wayne Ruddock from Advanced Infrared Resources is the course tutor providing a hands on experience for each student so they can proficiently perform the infrared thermography tasks required to complete their infrared functions in a correct manner once they return to their work place. Wayne Ruddock, is a professional infrared thermographer and educator with over 35 years practical experience in this field. His experience in all sectors of infrared thermography empowers him with abilities which ensure that your education in infrared thermography cannot be surpassed. The Level 1 Thermography Certificate is a certification by The Australian & New Zealand Institute of Infrared Thermography. Our next thermography course will be running in May 2017. For further information contact: Tom Aldridge , instrumentation & measurement business unit manager Tel: 09 526 7557 Email: HM116

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